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Design with every body in mind

Life can change in the blink of an eye — and if it does, are the spaces where you spend your time prepared to accommodate a new set of abilities? Whether interested in aging in place, ADA accessibility, universal design, we offer design consulting to create spaces you’ll love.


We’re preparing for a better tomorrow by designing it today. We’re your partners in education, design and accessibility. Our spaces are designed so people of all ages can live, work and play without limitations.


We believe spaces are unique, just like the people who will enjoy them. Our concepts are customized for you — but designed with every body in mind.

About Tiffany

Founder and designer Tiffany Dill is dedicated to bringing joy and happiness into the environments shared by all people. Her passion and clinical expertise give her first-hand knowledge on functional designs.


Tiffany is the founder of the Inclusive Design Alliance in St. Louis and is a member of The Universal Design Project team. The Universal Design project is a nonprofit comprised of healthcare professionals and a volunteer group of people who have experience with disabilities (personally and professionally) and see a big need for more universally and financially accessible homes and social opportunities. They leverage the functional aspects of design and collaborate with design professionals to benefit communities across America.


Tiffany understands the need for purposeful designs to live safely and independently. Whether home, work or play — she uses her unique blueprint to create thoughtful and meaningful spaces.

Universal design consulting

Blue Day 2 is your partner in design for spaces geared toward long-term functionality and accessibility. We utilize our 16+ years of clinical, healthcare and research experience and collaborate with expert tradespeople to create inclusive spaces for all.


We combine clinical experience and a penchant for thoughtful and stylish design to transform spaces into joyful places for people of all ages and abilities. By removing environmental barriers, we create spaces that optimize functionality and safety without sacrificing comfort and style.

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