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5 Products To Add To Your Prime Day Wish List If You Travel With Children

If you are a parent and travel frequently, you learn through trial and error on the ‘how to’ travel with kids a little easier. You learn strategies and discover areas to splurge and areas to save money. I’m finding out that parents splurge on making life a little easier, less stressful and less chaotic. We pay big bucks for sanity.

As an occupational therapist, I’m always thinking about our overall wellbeing when it comes to traveling with small children. I think energy conservation, ergonomics, safety, and how to be less germy (because it’s impossible to be germ-free) are critical factors. And, with Amazon Prime Day approaching, I have to share some of our favorites and a few bonuses on how we make our travel days a little less chaotic on our minds and bodies. While these products and tips are not necessarily universal or a good fit for EVERY one, it will certainly make some people’s lives easier and might allow some parents to enjoy traveling again.

These products and tips may or may not be a part of the sale; however, it’s worth adding to your wishlist to check out on the upcoming Prime Day, July 12-13, 2022 or for future sales. These are some of our favorites and I’ll explain why:

Disclaimer: Links in this blog contain affiliates therefore we may receive a small commission when you purchase a product. This does not add any cost to you. Thank you for supporting my mission and allowing me to share valuable resources to help make life a little (or a lot) easier for ALL.

1. The DOONA

I regretted not getting this when we had our first baby (we flew 9 times before he turned one). Recently, we splurged (with a gift card) and got the Doona for our second child. We are frequent travelers and this stroller / car seat is a CLEVER investment. It makes traveling MUCH easier by allowing you to use the car seat as a stroller without toting a heavy base! Keep in mind, this carseat is fairly heavy to lift and place in a vehicle on a higher platform like a SUV. However, travel is definitely lighter and much easier with the Doona . Strollers, car seats, and heavy carseat bases are replaced with this one convertible stroller/carseat.


  • Easy to use straight out of the box!

  • Can travel without the base (the part that made me click the purchase button)

  • Collapses into a carseat and expands into a stroller with a grasp of the button on the back of the seat

  • Rolls easily

  • Great for not only traveling but as a second or third carseat especially if you have a nanny / sitter / grandparent transporting the child or running errands.

  • Doesn’t require carrying the pumpkin seat

  • The handle bar on the lowest setting is reachable by our toddler. He LOVES pushing little brother around


  • Pricey

  • Seat belts on older cars are not long enough to use without the base (we have a 2008 Ford Expedition – seat belt is too short to wrap around the back of the carseat)

  • Very heavy and awkward to lift into an SUV or car on a higher platform

  • I read a review that said it can fit in the overhead compartment on the airplane, we attempted and made us look silly. Luckily, we had an extra seat.

2. JetKids BedBox by Stokke

This was something we purchased for our toddler when I was pregnant with our second. It was an impromptu purchase before one of our trips because traveling with a kid comes with a LOT of stuff. Therefore, I wanted to minimize the gear we were hauling around. This product was AMAZING!! We didn’t have to carry our toddler and we could roll him right next to us to keep a good walking pace. I was able to eliminate a toy box and put all his toys and snacks in the rolling box and his backpack. Keep in mind though, the weight distribution when pulling kids (especially with backpacks) on the box. We found it easier to simply hold one of his hands with the pulling strap while his other hand was holding onto the strap. Our toddler thought it was SUPER cool and still enjoys it at 2.5 years of age. In fact, he loves riding it in our house! It’s great for propping up their feet; however, he doesn’t sit well or sleep well on the plane outside a carseat, so the bed part hasn’t been useful for him at this time. The backpack is super cute but, not a must since a regular backpack works just as well or better.


  • No carrying the toddler!

  • Easy to roll (too easy)

  • Great storage for toys, snacks, books and more

  • Can personalize with stickers

  • Fairly light weight to lift without heavy items inside

  • Adjustable pulling strap and hand strap on one side for kids to hold onto

  • Gives little kids (especially toddlers) the option to ride or pull their own suitcase, just something cool about being like all the big guys. When too old to ride, pulling is always an option…makes it easier and more ergonomic.


  • Careful, it will tip over on turns and keep in mind weight distribution with the backpack (our toddler has toppled over a few times)

  • Not as flexible as bags when putting it under the seat on the airplane but you can still get it out after take-off to prop up their feet and lounge or sleep

  • Not much storage with the bed inside (or even the Cloud Sleeper)

3. JetKids Cloud Sleeper

We purchased an air mattress toddler bed for our 2.5 year old. Otherwise, prior to his toddler days, we rented cribs / playards to eliminate bulky items when flying. When the Cloud Sleeper came out (right before our first trip with our second baby and as family of 4), I again, made an impromptu purchase right before we left! I’m SO glad we purchased this air mattress because it’s very light weight and folds compact enough to fit in our toddler’s rolling bed box. Plus, he absolutely LOVED the mattress and slept so well with it. Then we used it again for camping so it’s fairly versatile. I’ll share a fair warning, we did not find any instructions or any videos demonstrating how to pump it up. We thought it was one pump or press of the rectangle box and it would self-inflate. Nope. Basically, think of CPR chest compressions at 100-120 compression per minute for about 2-3 minutes to fully inflate.


  • Compact

  • Light weight

  • Folds easily (with visual instructions!)

  • Side bumps to prevent rolling off

  • Easy to clean cover


  • 120 compressions per minute to fully inflate (takes about 2-3 minutes, might have to take breaks)

  • Fits nicely inside the JetKids Bed Box, but takes up the majority of space (will need to place larger toys and such elsewhere)

4. Suction Blackout Curtains

Okay, I originally bought these as a temporary solution while waiting to find curtains for my toddler’s bedroom. Now that we have replaced these suction curtains with real curtains, these are PERFECT for traveling! Be aware. A little light still peeps around some of the sides depending on how close you can get the suction to the frame or sash around the window. Overall, it truly does make the room darker. Keep in mind the size of the windows and the number of windows if using as a temporary solution especially for traveling.


  • Good quality blackout

  • Suctions, so no permanent marks

  • Comes with a small bag for storage

  • Velcro allows to adjust according to window size


  • Sun rays still peep through the sides or top /bottom depending on where the suction butts up to window edge / trim

  • Not a one size fits all

5. LifeVac Dechoker

Okay, this one is all my husband. He is a pediatric dentist and fears children choking. He actually bought three of these (one for us and each grandparent). Thankfully, we have never had to use it but, it provides a peace of mind especially when on vacation. The great part about the kit we bought, is that it comes with different size mouth/nose piece attachments (one for pediatrics and one for adults). This is made to suction objects that obstruct the airway (think grapes, hotdogs, toys, and more). There are no cons to this (we have heard many lifesaving stories). Better to have one on hand “just in case,” especially in those moments of panic. Just keep in a spot you don’t have to think about where it is or simply leave it out in a visible spot.

BONUS PRODUCTS: Travel Lighter

Portable Bassinet

This is SUPER lightweight, portable, and compact enough to fit in your suitcase (a more squared one, not duffle bags). I wish I had this for our first child's beach trip but found it on clearance to try out when he was almost too big for it. It's fantastic for naps anywhere even the poolside at home! I even clip on a small portable fan to add a little extra breeze. I used this quite often for our second kid. They do outgrow them pretty quickly, in fact, it's best to use them prior to those little ones rolling over. This is a great bassinet for summer traveling and poolside days with small infants.

Compact, Collapsible Stroller

This lightweight, compact stroller is great for toddlers or little ones who have just started to become mobile but are not quite yet quick on their feet to keep up with mom and dad's big steps. This was an impulse purchase we found on clearance right before one of our flights with our new mobile kid on the loose. When we had our first kid I was strategic about what we purchased or registered for because I didn't want to clutter our garage or house with lots of baby equipment and made it through one year with our first kid with one stroller. This gb Pockit+ was just the perfect addition. This is so lightweight, that I could carry it with one hand and easily collapse or fold into a small square for my bag or even the overhead compartment on the airplane! It's a win-win! We had a bulky, heavy jogging stroller so this was almost perfect for traveling, quick trips or strolls around the city and places like the zoo or shopping! Honestly, I would say you can't go wrong with any of the gb Pockit+ strollers! We have this All City version (as shown here) and love it!

BONUS: Travel Strategies

*Drop off one person with all the bags and check in (if two or more kids, drop off one person with a kid) at the departure / check-in at the airport.

*The best $6 we spent at the airport have been on the luggage cart rentals!

*Rent bulky baby equipment / gear (such as cribs, playards, high chairs, boosters, and more) if the area you are staying in offers it. They often drop off AND pick up the equipment making it one less thing to worry about and one less thing to carry or check in at the airport.

Traveling with kids requires a lot of work mentally and physically. So, I hope some of these tips / resources will reduce some of the load and at least give you a little more energy to enjoy your trips.

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for additional resources and tips on products and more.

Happy Travels!

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