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Thoughtful & empowering design

We prepare for a better tomorrow by designing it today.

Functional yet stylish barrier-free spaces for all ages and abilities

We combine clinical experience with a designer’s touch to create empowering home designs accessible for every body — at any age.


Blue Day 2 provides accessibility design consulting to building owners, architects, designers and more. We’re advocates and educators in universal design, and our expertise empowers our partners to create spaces that optimize function and independence.

Why We're Different

Say goodbye to preconceptions about living with disabilities. We’re interior design consultants who create spaces for persons with a wide range of abilities that are comfortable, safe and beautiful.


Blue Day 2 breaks down barriers to create joyful places for people of all abilities to live, work and play — without limitations.


More than 16 years of clinical, healthcare, research and building expertise


Foundation of universal design principles and best practices

adaptive conditions

Guided by licensed occupational therapy and integration of adaptive equipment


Knowledgeable in public health, occupational therapy, universal design, ADA requirements, home modifications and new construction



“My new larger bedroom and Bathroom that did and can accommodate a lift and wheel chair was absolutely the best improvement we have ever made! It was truly a blessing and so helpful while we cared for my husband during his last days. Tiffany (BlueDay 2) is a thoughtful caring professional who thinks and advises with a personal touch!”

—  F.N. Blanc, Client

Hi Friends,


As an occupational therapist and a mother with a disability, I have seen that life can change at the blink of an eye…permanently or temporarily and therefore, have transferred my burning desire into a universal design consulting business.


While we may not be a full-service interior design firm, we serve as part of the team at the design table as consulting specialists. Plus, I just love adding some really cool functional (and pretty) touches here and there. We are infusing spaces with accessible and universal design to prepare for a better tomorrow by designing it today. We serve as your partners in education, design, and accessibility.


Our goal is to normalize universal design to create inclusive spaces…so EVERY body can live, work, and play without limitations.


I am here to boldly advocate for you, your clients, your family and our future generations for we have too few homes for individuals to live and grow independently, functionally, and safely.


I’d love to hear from you or simply chat about all things universal design.



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